TIDA of NZ Inc. members are:





Clare Connolly TCRG

Emma Taylor TCRG

Hilary O'Sullivan TCRG

Katie Kerrigan TCRG

Leeann Doyle-Loftus TCRG

Paula Doyle-Hunkin TCRG, ADCRG

Siobhan Connolly TCRG


Esther Summerhays TCRG

Kristina Craig TCRG

Laura Kelly TRCG

Patricia Budding TCRG, ADCRG

Rosemary Soal TCRG

Sharon Craig TCRG



Cathy O'Neill TCRG, ADCRG

Erin Swarbrick TCRG

Lynley Bowler TCRG

Sean O'Neill TCRG

Shannon Dilger TCRG

Shealagh Kay-Hallissey TCRG, ADCRG, BDCRG

Stephanie McGimpsey, TCRG

Tammie Cookson TCRG


Ceara Jamieson-Smyth TCRG

Robyn Fox-Holden TCRG

Zoƫ Laurence TCRG




Lianna Connor TCRG

TIDA of NZ Inc. was formed in 2001 with the first TIDA Championships in 2002.

NZ National Championships have been hosted in NZ since 1949 in conjunction with the Federation of NZ Irish Societies

If you are interested in becoming a teacher and a member, please contact us for details on our teacher development program.

The Ethics and Development Committee can be contacted via the chairperson.
If parents and/or dancers have any questions, complaints or concerns please see your teacher in the first instance who will provide you with the process to follow.