Between 1992 and 2015 Rodney supported Irish Dancers in NZ with various scholarships, personally donating a total of $63,500. These scholarships provided invaluable experiences for talented dancers who went on to travel the world in shows or teach.

The Rodney Walshe Ulster Cup – All Ireland Dancing Travel Scholarship
Established in 1992, and through to the 2015 Feis, Rodney H.C. Walshe ONZM, the Honorary Consul General for Ireland in New Zealand, provided a travel scholarship to dancers over the age of 17. Initially for a dancer selected by the international judges at the annual NZ Championships and from 2013 to the winner of the ‘Ulster Cup – All Ireland Dancing competition’, up to the value of NZ$2,500 towards the cost of air travel New Zealand / Ireland return to attend a major competition and represent NZ.

Previous winners:

2015 Shannon Dilger, O'Neill, Christchurch
2014 Shannon Dilger, O'Neill, Christchurch
2013 Briony Larsen, Kildunne, Wellington
2011 Emma Ahmed – Kay-Hallissey School, Auckland
2010 Ashleigh John – Doyle Academy, Auckland
2009 Chris Hodgson – Doule Academy, Auckland
2008 Chris Hodgson – Doyle Academy, Auckland
2007 Lucy Rogers – Kildunne School, Wellington
2006 Ellin Hay – O’Neill School, Christchurch
2005 Francis Sach – Scoil Rince Cronin, Auckland
2004 Francis Sach – Scoil Rince Cronin, Auckland
2003 Oliver Sach – Kay-Hallissey School, Auckland
2002 Aislinn Ryan – Kildunne School, Wellington
2001 Oliver Sach – Cummings School, Auckland
2000 Mary Colgan – Cummings School, Auckland
1999 Katherine Kelly – Kay-Hallissey School, Auckland
1998 Michael Thornley – Kay-Hallissey School, Auckland
1997 Paula Doyle – Kay-Hallissey School, Auckland
1996 Michael Thornley – Kay-Hallissey School, Auckland
1995 Antonia Faughey – Doran-Gregory School, Auckland
1994 Bernadette Connolly – Connolly School, Auckland
1993 Brenda Ryan – Kildunne School, Wellington
1992 Brenda Ryan – Kildunne School, Wellington

The Rodney Walshe Irish Dancing Tuition Scholarship

This scholarship, in association with the New Zealand Federation of Irish Societies Annual Feis, was initiated by Rodney Walshe in 2004. It was awarded to the entrant in the 15-17 age group at the Feis, who was judged to have performed the best Set Dance of their choice. The dancing school of the winner received a payment of $500 from Rodney Walshe towards the cost of the winner’s tuition fees for the forthcoming year. The winner was to complete the full year at the same dancing school. This Scholarship was discontinued in 2012.

Previous Winners:

2015 Harry Bartlett, Doyle Academy, Auckland
2014 Hannah Shackley, O’Neill School of Dance, Christchurch
2012 Caleb Hendry, Connolly School, Auckland
2011No Feis was held this year due to the Christchurch earthquakes
2010Taylor Hann, O’Neill School of Dance, Christchurch
2009Shannon Dilger, O’Neill School of Dance, Christchurch
2008Shannon Dilger, O’Neill School of Dance, Christchurch
2007Lucy English, Kay-Hallissey School, Nelson
2006Olivia Robin, O’Neill School of Dance, Christchurch
2005Richard Lloyd, Kay-Hallissey School, Auckland
2004Richard Lloyd of Kay-Hallissey School, Auckland and Ellin Hay O’Neill School of Irish Dancing, Christchurch
Harry and Shannon