Rules and Guidelines For Competing


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Entry to dancing competitions around New Zealand under An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha members are open to pupils registered with a certified TC.R.G. /A.D.R.C.G.

The age of a competitor shall be taken as on 1 January.

Entry to the New Zealand National Championships is open to dancers registered with TIDA of NZ members. TIDA of NZ  members must reside in New Zealand.

All competitors throughout New Zealand are required to submit a copy of their proof of birth (i.e. birth certificate, passport or drivers license) to their teacher who will forward to the Registration Officer of TIDA of NZ  along with the TIDA of NZ . registration of $25.00 NZD. (Once your proof of birth has been submitted, you will not need to provide it again).

These registrations are due by March 31st every year.


Any Form of unauthorized photography which has the capability to capture a dancer’s image whilst in motion, using electronic or manual means, e.g. mobile phone, standard camera, video camcorder, cine recorder, commercial film, with or without flash enhancement, is expressly forbidden in OPEN SECTIONS, except where the event organiser has appointment an official photographer who is the only person permitted.

Non-FLASH photography/filming IS PERMITTED only for Beginner and Novice Sections as well as Composed teams via a permit.


Competitions are held around the country in Auckland/Waikato, Wellington, Nelson/Christchurch/Invercargill. As of 2021, there is a standardised grading syllabus in place; Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Open and Adult.